Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Seahorse

Here is the only picture we have of our sweet little, at 7 weeks old. He's just a little seahorse here, but he's the sweetest seahorse that ever lived. 
I know it's not much, but seeing that baby for the first time changed my life forever. Before this, I knew he was in there, and I thought I loved him, but that love just grew and grew when I saw him. Even with a tail, he is the sweetest.

Once we found out we were pregnant, we tried our hardest not to tell anyone. I wanted to wait until I thought it was safe, until I felt he would really be ours forever. But I'm really really bad at secrets, so I managed to (accidentally!) spill the beans to my sister Shea, within 30 minutes of seeing that pink positive line. Next we told our parents, and siblings, and everyone was so excited. 
We decided to tell our closest friends on Halloween, even though we were only about 6 weeks along. (I know! But I told you, I'm really bad at secrets, and by then I felt like I'd known forever!) We sent them all this photo:

Me, our sweet little skeleton baby, and Bagel, our silly little Yorkiepoo, in our Hallween costumes.

We don't know yet if baby is a boy or a girl, but either way we will be so happy. I've thought of him as a boy all along, but I go back and forth lately. Since Ray has only brothers, his family really wants a girl, and my family seems to think he will be a girl as well. But for now, baby is just a baby, sweet and tiny and growing so fast!
At 13 weeks, he is about the size of a medium sized shrimp- 3 inches long and he weighs almost an ounce! Since last week (when he was lime-sized!), he's been moving his little fingers and toes and jumping around in my belly like a teeny little acrobat. Oh, how I wish I could feel those tiny little kicks. But I know it won't be long!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just The Beginning

Here it is! The blog you've all been waiting for...
I've been thinking of starting this blog for a couple years now, since I left my sweet family in Georgia and moved to Tempe, Arizona. Tempe, the land of dust and dirt, and lots and lots of brown. The Valley of the Sun. Home of Steve Nash and the beloved Phoenix Suns, and of my love, and now my husband, Ray.
I fell in love with Tempe, and then fell in love in Tempe, and now it is my home away from home. I became the person I was meant to be here, and I know this is where I belong, at least for now. But oh, how I miss my family.
I grew up in Augusta, Georgia, which is basically the exact opposite of Tempe, Arizona. It's green, and wet, and as Southern as it gets. I am the oldest of seven children, and the oldest of my Grandparents thirty-something grandchildren. My family is big, and sweet, and so so loving. (Have I mentioned yet that I miss them?) I have millions of cousins, aunts, uncles, and 6 amazing siblings. 4 cute brothers and 2 beautiful sisters, who I love more than anything. They are all so different and so special, and even more special to me.
And yet, here I am, 1,986 miles away from them, in Tempe, Arizona, where I've just begun my own little family.

Most of my sweet family, Thanksgiving 2011

Our wedding day.

Today, my sweet husband and I are well on our way to the best adventure of them all- Parenthood! I am 13 weeks pregnant today. Pregnant! Me! I've looked forward to this my whole life, and it's even more exciting than I ever thought it could be.

Ray and I were married September 30, 2011, at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta, Georgia. It was the most beautiful weekend, filled with love, and joy, and so many wonderful friends. By October 1, I knew we were pregnant. But we didn't find out "officially" until a positive pregnancy test on October 17, just 18 days after our wedding.

Now we are focused on preparing for our new little one, and for our first Christmas together! I love being married, and I love our little baby so much. Being so far away from my family is very hard, but I feel so blessed and I wouldn't trade my life here in Tempe for the world!

Here I am at 2 months!
And 3 months!


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