Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Past, Present, Future, and a Name!

I know, I know, this post is WAY overdue. We haven't had any big events since the big reveal, so I haven't felt like there is much to write about. We've been sort of laying low, taking it easy, and gathering our thoughts about the future.

We're at 22 weeks now, and I've been tired lately! This sweet little boy is growing bigger every day, so I've been feeling pretty worn out. His kicks are growing stronger all the time, and every single one makes me giggle with joy. Last night Ray even got to see him bouncing around and  making my belly jump! Maybe I've just gotten used to feeling his movements, but seeing them is a whole other thing. It's a constant reminder that there really is a little boy in there, moving and playing and growing all the time. OH I just love him!

The last couple/few weeks I've been in the throws of the nesting phase. I have these incredibly strong urges all the time to fix every little thing in our home that isn't perfect (which is a LOT!). I find myself looking around and seeing so many little problems I've never noticed before. It can be a little bit overwhelming! So, I'm trying to focus on the big things, like our kitchen, and of course the nursery. The rest is important, but we will get everything done in time.

My parents are coming to visit next weekend (CAN'T WAIT!!), and I'd love to start painting and setting up the nursery while they are here, so I have so much work to do before they get here. Currently the nursery is being used as a "storage room," which really just means whenever we come across something that doesn't have a home, I open the door and throw it in as quickly as possible without even looking inside. It's a disaster. So, I have about a week to clear it out and find places for all the junk that's hiding in there now.

We've decided on a general theme for the nursery, so I've started collecting little things to decorate. We don't have any furniture yet, so that's probably the next big thing I'll start thinking about. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Last week my sweet husband rearranged our bedroom, which opened up tons of space. He added an incredible mattress topper to our bed, and we finally pulled out our big fluffy white down comforter. So since then I've been spending pretty much all of my free time in bed. It's really the only place I want to be these days. Finally our room is comfy and cozy and spacious, and feels like an oasis in our home. I never want to leave it! In fact, after a 13 hour day yesterday (I flew to Reno for a business meeting), I took the day off today and haven't gotten out of bed yet. I'm not sure I plan to!

I spend pretty much every waking moment thinking of our little, wondering what he looks like, imagining what it will be like to hold him for the first time. I think about what he will be like, what kind of boy he will be. I want him to be just like his daddy- calm and gentle and loving and loyal, but wild and free and as boy as he can be. I want him to be kind and sweet like his uncles and his daddy, smart and hard working like his daddy and his grandfathers. I want him to love life and and adventure and fun like my dad and his. And I want him to be a mama's boy more than anything. ;) He'll get that from his daddy too. He's very lucky to have so many good men to look up to and learn from.

We think we've finally narrowed down his name, but you can keep guessing because we're not telling. We've had 2 names picked out for some time now, but I told Ray last night that he's started to feel much more like one than the other. I'm still not totally convinced, and when I said that to Ray he said "He is what he is, babe, and there's nothing we can do about it." So, it seems he has a name! 


  1. That title is such a teaser! You're horrible. PS the nesting phase brings so much anxiety! But it can be fun too :).

  2. This is nice, very personal. I like the ending ... keeps everyone guessing. Maybe there is a follow up post on the naming process



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