Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Keepin' It Real: Rainy Days

I'm linking up with Corinna over at Track 8 (a day late!) for Keepin' It Real Mondays!

Over the weekend we FINALLY got some rain! It was so amazing. Emmett loved the rain, and loved the mud even more! I grew up in Georgia, where it rains almost every afternoon in the Summer, so I played in the mud all the time as a kid. I have so many happy memories of making mud pies and running around barefoot in the wet grass. So fun!

I feel so bad for little Emmett being stuck in the house all Summer, living in this desert with hardly any grass to speak of. So when it rained and the temperature finally cooled off, I let him outside to play in the mud to his little heart's content! He was one dirty, happy little boy!

Splashing in the puddles!

Mom, I'm gonna eat this rock. 
Mom, I'm really gonna eat this rock.
No Emmett, no! Don't eat that rock! 
Ahhh I'm just kidding.
The best.


  1. Oh what a love your son is! I love that coy grin on his face when he was about to eat the rock. So cute :)

  2. What a handsome boy! And he's making some very cute fashion statements!

  3. Your little man is SO cute! I bet that rock didn't taste so good, though! ;)



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