Friday, March 30, 2012

Rough Week

My feet are swollen. Pretty much all the time, but it's worse when I've been standing or walking or sitting the wrong way, or when it's hot outside, which is always because I live in the desert. My hands too. Yesterday I had to take my wedding rings off and put them on a chain around my neck. I'm a little heartbroken about it. I love those rings and what they stand for.
My routine glucose test came back high this week, which I hear happens all the time, so I wasn't too worried. I had to go in yesterday for the 3-hour glucose test, where you fast for 12 hours, then they take your blood, then you drink a disgusting sugar-concentrated drink, and they take your blood again every hour for 3 hours. It was brutal. Thank God Ray was willing to go with me or I would have lost it on the nurse every time she couldn't find my vein and had to re-stick me, over and over again. By the end of it I was so tired and hungry and just out of whack from the sugar and blood-draining I didn't think I could stand it. Ray took me to Fry's to find something to eat, and out of nowhere, among the frozen pizzas, I completely lost it. Delirious laughter turned into uncontrollable tears and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Emotions are so much stronger when you're pregnant, especially when you're pregnant and exhausted. I called in and told my boss I wouldn't be coming to work today, went home, and went to bed. It's amazing what I good nap can cure.
It was a really rough day, one of my worst so far, but even at the worst I knew if I had to I would happily go through it a hundred more times to make sure this baby is healthy and happy. Thank goodness, the tests came back normal, so there's nothing more to worry about.
All this is to say that despite the discomfort, pain, and constant emotional upheaval (constant is a bit of an exaggeration..), I am happier than I've ever been. I love my life, I love my husband, and I love our little boy. I've waited my whole life to be this baby's mama, and nothing can put a damper on my joy.

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