Monday, August 19, 2013

Keepin' It Real: Working Late

Linking up with Corinna over at Track 8 for another installment of Keepin' It Real Mondays!

I had to work late today. Things are crazy at work and it was 5:40 before I finished answering emails for the day. That left me about an hour with Emmett before putting him to bed tonight.

Ray is working early and late this week, which means he gets maybe 15 minutes with Emmett in the mornings and he'll be asleep before Ray even comes hom in the evenings. I can't imagine what it would be like if long(er) hours were the norm for us.

Some days the hard/crazy/chaotic part of parenting isn't parenting at all. It's everything else. Oh, to be JUST a parent! To have no worries or cares or struggles except for making sure I'm the best parent I can be to my baby boy.


  1. I feel this way approximately every other day. Now that Kemi's off the road and working a 9-5, he feels it too. The other night, he was like, "wait, you dream about getting married and starting your family and then you do, only to see your kid for two hours a day?!" Uh, ya, I guess. Some days just feel ridiculous, right?

    1. Some days are ridiculous! In my mind I think "I'm not bringing babies into this world so that I can leave them with someone else all day" but that's just what I have to do. Grrrrrrrrrr!



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