Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Try: I am not crafty. And Emmett isn't really old enough to get into dyeing eggs with me.. Right? But I'm determined to try, if only to keep the tradition alive in our family. We always dyed eggs when we were kids, and I want that for Emmett, too. And I can't resist adding glitter, if I'm going to be crafting anyway.. So I'll try to mimic these pretty eggs.

Buy: I know, I know, I keep talking about how tight money is. And it really is y'all. But again, I'm all about keeping up with family traditions, and that means Easter baskets. We played with these amazing fruit toys at a friend's house yesterday and Emmett was enthralled! He sliced those fruit and put them back together over and over again all day! That's a toy I want in our house. So I'm thinking instead of candy and a few small things, I'll pick this up for Emmett's basket.

Make: I'm a big, big fan of Thai rice and noodle dishes. I could eat them every night of the week, no problem. But I've never found a recipe I could make at home that really, truly hit the spot. I found this one on Pinterest and it looks amazing! I'm thinking I'll add chicken, and enjoy it with a cold beer and my husband in our backyard.

Bake: Have y'all seen Mary Beth's (of Annapolis & Company) insanely beautiful recipe series on The Wiegands? I drool over every recipe, and every photo. Mary Beth is my food photography hero. This recipe in particular looks so easy to make, and I know Emmett will scarf that peanut butter granola down so fast at snack time. I can't wait to bake some tomorrow! I might even let him help. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, and a Blessed Easter!

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