Saturday, March 9, 2013

Emmett: 8 Months

My boy is 8 months old now!

You always hear parents of young children say that time moves too quickly- "they grow up so fast" and "before you know it they'll be going away to college.." I definitely understand the sentiment, and I know that it will ring truer for me the older Emmett gets, but for me, these 8 months have gone by just slowly enough. I don't feel like the days are flying by, and it doesn't feel like just yesterday he was a tiny baby. It feels about like 8 months. :) I never posted his 6 and 7 month pictures, so here they all are together:

We fall in love with him more and more and more and more and more every day. When he was really tiny I used to say that I never wanted him to grow. I wanted him to stay a tiny, roly poly baby forever, snuggly and sweet and perfect. I had no way of knowing how I would love him more now than I did then (is that possible!?), or that every teeny tiny new thing he learns makes my heart burst with pride. And he's learning all the time, new things every day, so my little mama heart bursts all the time.

Our boy is crawling! Really really fast. He's up on all fours, moving his little legs as fast as they'll go, but hasn't got the arms and legs at the same time down yet. He does a sort of worm move where he get's on all fours and flops forward onto his belly and then back up on all fours again before you can blink. He moves all over the house like that, chasing the dog, laughing and laughing at Bagel.

He's standing too. Standing! I thought we'd have a little bit of time between the crawling stage and the standing stage, but no, they're happening at the same time. Every time we go to get him in the morning or after a nap he's standing up in his crib, all smiles. He tries to pull himself up on our coffee table, the couch, our legs, whatever. It's so much fun watching him figure out this big new thing!

I say to myself about a hundred times a day that no one has ever loved someone as much as I love Emmett. He's perfect- sweet, funny, wild, silly, so smart, and so so curious. He reaches up to touch my face or my hair while he eats, and smiles the biggest smiles you've ever seen when we come home from work. He cries when we leave which hurts so much.

Sometimes I think time has gone slowly these past 8 months because they've been hard months. So sweet, so wonderful, but hard. It's hard to leave my boy at home every day to go to work. It's hard to pay someone else to be with him when all I want is to be with him myself. It's been hard. But I wouldn't trade these months for anything in the world, because the times I'm with Emmett at home are the best times of my life. I was made to be his mama.

 My parents came to visit last week. They hadn't seen the boy since Christmas, so it was really exciting to watch them watch him "crawling" and laughing and trying to stand up. He eats real foods now too, like avocados and sweet potatoes and mangos, and my dad loved letting him taste some new things. He's such a sweet boy, and they love him so much!

Trying to feed himself.

Strawberries! See those muscles??

Avocados on the patio.



I learned a lot about Emmett while my parents were here. He sort of set his own schedule at about 12 weeks old, and we've always stuck to it. He eats and sleeps at about the same times every day, and we go through the same bedtime routine every night. But this week we were away from the house all day, and going out to dinner almost every night. I was so worried that all this deviation from his usual schedule would throw off his sleep, which was already pretty awful. I was worried that if he missed his afternoon nap, or if we stayed out at dinner past his normal bedtime (6:30-7pm), he would be over-tired and would wake up 150 times a night instead of the usual 100. But he did so good! He started sleeping better than he has in months. Normally he goes to bed at 7ish and wakes up the first time between 9 & 10, but the first night we kept him up late he slept until 12! Then it was 2 the next night, and since then he has woken up at 3 for the first time each night. Then he wakes up just one more time at 5:30 ish, and then goes back to sleep until 7 to 7:30. Ya'll, that's so good. I haven't slept this much since he was born!

My boy is growing up ya'll. He's perfect.

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