Monday, December 17, 2012


On Friday, Ray, Emmett and I taking our first family trip to Georgia to celebrate Christmas with my family there (woohooooo!), so we had an early Christmas with Ray's side of the family this weekend. I had so much fun opening presents with Emmett for the first time, even though he just wanted to eat all of them. His grandparents spoiled him of course, but his favorite gift was the wrapping paper. :)

Hangin out in his new BabyBjorn! 

After we opened presents, Santa made an appearance!

Isn't this the cutest hat you've ever seen?

So far so good...

Have I mentioned I'm so excited for Emmett's first Christmas??


  1. These pictures are so cute! He doesn't look too sold on his Bjorn or Santa yet! Have a safe trip to Georgia! Looking forward to hear all about Emmett's first Christmas! :)

    1. Thanks Kellie! He's getting used to the Bjorn.. but Santa doesn't stand a chance!
      I hope ya'll have a great Christmas!

  2. It was very nice to see you guys on Saturday. I love the last picture.. Have a safe trip and let's do something next year.



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