Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Growing Up Fast!

Emmett's doing so many new things this week, all at once. It's crazy how quickly he learns new skills, and how quickly he masters them. Too fast Emmett! Slow down buddy! But then again, don't slow down at all.

A few new skills we've noticed this week:
  • Standing! He pushes himself to standing like he's been doing it forever. So crazy!
  • Taking a couple of steps toward the nearest thing to hold on to
  • Learning to feed himself with a spoon. He will take the spoon in his hand, turn it over so he's holding it correctly, and with his other hand, put some veggies on the spoon, and put it in his mouth. It takes some effort, but he's getting it!
  • He picks up my phone and holds it up to my ear (note to self, put the phone away more!)
  • He picks up the tv remote and points it towards the tv, and then looks expectantly at the tv, waiting for it to turn on.
  • He's waving at everyone, all the time. Family, friends, strangers, strangers' dogs.. He loves it.
  • He clapped for the first time!
  • He's talking LIKE CRAZY, and saying things that sound like full sentences. So funny!

I can't believe how big my baby boy is getting. He's so tall now, and his face has become less baby and more little boy. I love watching him grow and learn!

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