Monday, May 12, 2014

Currently. Mother's Day

Thinking about: Expectations/anticipation vs. Reality. This always gets me. I build things up in my mind, both good and bad, and reality never quite meets my expectations. This weekend, that was a good thing.

On Friday, Emmett and I were restless so we rode our bikes to the local library and museum. We had so much fun running around, riding old police motorcycles and fire trucks and playing with crates of plastic fruit. We came home and I got his lunch ready, but instead of eating he sat in his highchair staring into space and shivering. I snatched him up once I realized something was wrong and he was burning with fever. So awful. 

We juuuust got over a terrible, everlasting case of croup like a week ago, so I was worried it was back and we'd be sick again for another two weeks. The fever reached 103.6 in the evening, so I got in a warm bath with him and pumped him full of tylenol and ibuprofen to bring it down. After a while he started talking and playing again and was able to eat some dinner. The fever lasted all through the night, and then broke around 5:00 a.m.

We took him to the doctor on Saturday, and left with a diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth disease. The doc told me his fever would last at least 5 days and I immediately melted into a puddle of tears and defeat. I thought we'd never make it. After the croup episode, I didn't think I could handle another week of fevers. And it was Mother's Day weekend! 

But you know, it wasn't so bad. His fever hasn't come back, and he's been mostly happy. Every few hours he'll remember that his throat really hurts and it's all I can do to calm him down with popsicles and tylenol, but we spent most of yesterday snuggling, and that's all I ever want to do anyway. :)

Watching: I finished Nashville. What should I watch next???

Listening to: Emmett playing in the bath. He's in a great mood this morning! He keeps telling me he's swimming and he's a whale, then I say "a whale!?" and he says, "no whayal, Emmett hairplane!"

Thankful for: My husband. He helped me make the best of what could have been a really hard day yesterday. He got up with Emmett and I at 5:30 after a rough night, and ran out for breakfast and mimosas at 6:00 a.m. He came home with flowers and made my favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy. He kept Emmett happy so I could shower (it had been daaaaays). When I wanted to go visit Oliver out of the blue, he made that happen too. 

He stayed home from work this morning so I could work since Emmett can't go to school, and he's currently cleaning out our garage. Bless him!

I married a really good man. He centers me and keeps me sane, and loves me well. Yesterday at the cemetery I watched him holding Emmett's little hand and I was overcome with gratitude. For Ray, for Emmett, for the little family we have together. That it's him I'm going through this life with. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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  1. Way to go Ray!!! I am so glad Emmett is on the up and up, and you sweet Lady were treated well this weekend! xoxo. ummm and the whale obsession- love it!

    1. Haha I have no idea why he loves whales, but he loves them! So silly.
      Yes- Ray is the best! No hand made memory books (AMAZING) but he did a great job anyway. :)

  2. Emmett looks so tall! He's so cute!

    1. You're right! I looked at him yesterday and couldn't believe how tall he is all of a sudden. He's a skinny little thing too, which accentuates his "height"! Ha!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh I am so sorry you had to deal with this on Mother's Day weekend! Thankful that Emmett seems to be OK for the most part and that it hasn't been as bad as it could be. And it sounds like you snagged yourself a pretty great man. :) Found you from the currently linkup.

    1. Thanks Charlene! I thought it was going to be an awful weekend but it wasn't so bad. :)
      Yes, my husband is a good one! I'm so lucky. :)
      So glad you found me!

  4. So awful to have sickness back to back, but I'm glad you have a wonderfully supportive husband to double duty with you.

    Love your blog!

    1. Thank you!! Absolutely- I can't imagine doing it all on my own! I'm so ready for a few sick free weeks. We need a rest! ;)

  5. Happy Mother's Day! I too am guilty of building expectation up in my mind and then being disappointed. I've learned my lesson! We had hand-foot-and-mouth disease hit us last winter too. Hope the little guy gets better sooon.

    1. Happy Mother's Day! Ohhh HF&M is the worst! Thank goodness it hasn't been as bad as our doctor said it would be. She said 5 days of fevers and I cried right away! He's already getting back to normal though, so we are feeling really blessed.

  6. I am also guilty of building up expectations in my mind and then feeling let down. Trying to work on it, but it is hard!

    Sounds like you married a wonderful man.

    Hope your little guy feels better soon.

    1. It's easy to do! I think most people struggle with it. It's nice though when things aren't as bad as I expect them to be. :)
      And yes, my man is a good one! ;)

  7. Ugh double long sicknesses! Super lame. I hope you are d-o-n-e for a long long while, more healthy!

    1. Seriously, it's the worst! So glad he's healing up quickly. Thank you!!!

  8. The times when littles are sick for days/weeks - tough times.
    God bless your husband for giving you a break and being an all-around great guy.
    Love your pictures.

  9. You're beautiful, friend. And this post was amazing. ~Jenna



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