Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspiration: The Everyday Project by Annapolis & Co

I found Annapolis & Co a few months back (through Casey Leigh- if you don't already read this one, start. Now!) and instantly fell in love with her blog. The photography is so striking, I found myself pouring over her posts to see more of her beautiful photos. I found myself wanting to pick up my camera and work harder at my own photography. I wanted to learn! Isn't it amazing when you come across a blog or IG feed that really inspire you to be better? So great.

I've spent some time the last few days reading Mary Beth's posts from her series The Everyday Project. Have you seen this movement on IG yet? You can check it out by searching the hashtag #theeverydayproject. I've been seeing that hashtag everywhere for weeks now, and finally found time to check it out. Mary Beth is an iPhone photography genius! She's writing weekly posts with incredible tips for iPhone photography, giving you simple and brilliant instructions on everything from basics like lighting and perspective, to how to capture movement, and how to add typography to your photos. She gives you the inside scoop on the best apps to use for editing, and even gives really wonderful advice on Instagram etiquette- things like how to grow a following, where she talks about the right ways to connect with others on IG. Really great stuff.

The post she did on how to capture a Silhouette was my favorite- I learned so much from that post about how to use your iPhone's tap-to-focus feature to change the lighting and depth of field in your photos. This is basic stuff, but I never would have figured it out without Mary Beth's help. She is able to take her beautiful photos and break them down to show you exactly how she captures them, and each post leaves me feeling more inspired and more excited to go out and experiment with my own photography. I only wish I'd taken the time to read them sooner!

The purpose behind this series is to inspire readers to go out and play with their cameras, to take better photos, and to share them on Instagram. Spend a little bit of time going through #theeverydayproject hashtag on IG and you'll see that she's done it! She has created a community of people, learning and sharing and helping eachother to grow. As I come across images I love I've been liking and commenting on them, and I've discovered some really beautiful feeds, while getting great feedback on my own images. People are doing amazing things on Instagram. I'm already a huge fan (#overgram much?), but this new community of IGers has really renewed my love for Instagram.

I'm inspired, empowered. Each day I can't wait to take photos, to play with my iPhone camera, to mess with my photos and create beautiful images. I'm rethinking the way I Instagram- I want my feed to be beautiful, to tell my story, and to welcome others and inspire them. I am so grateful to Mary Beth for taking the time to share her knowledge, and can't wait to learn more!

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  1. This was the loveliest post, Anna Kate! You captured all the very reasons I started The Everyday Project and it makes my heart sing to read that it is inspiring people. You will never know how much I appreciate you taking the time to go out and learn with your camera and write about it here. Much love! mary beth



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