Monday, October 21, 2013

"Little Weirdo"

Corinna's post this morning about Evie and her Altoids had me laughing out loud at my desk, so I thought I would chime in with my own little weirdo story.

Last night Emmett found a pair of socks in his room and his face lit up like he'd found the world's coolest toy. He tucked his little sock under his chin and wrapped it around his neck and walked around like that for an hour! So silly. I think maybe he was trying to wear it like a scarf like his mama does, but who knows.

I'm constantly amazed by the way he views the world. The simplest things make him happy and everything he sees is exciting and fun. Keep up the weird little Emmett!!

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  1. GAH! I love him! Look at those little feets! Evie does that sometimes, but she walks around holding objects between her shoulder and ear saying "hello? hello?" like a little cell phone. Kids are just weird. Funny, but weird.

    1. So weird. Yesterday he was doing the same thing with a straw from one of his sippy cups, but he would squeeze it up to his throat and then cough because it was choking him. I'll never understand. I was cracking up!



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