Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Walk Today

Now that the weather's steadily cool-ish, Emmett and I have started taking walks together each afternoon. It's our favorite time of the day- he loves to be outside SO MUCH, and I love seeing him exploring and so excited about everything he sees. And I do mean everything. We live in a flight path, so every 30 seconds or so a new airplane flies over head. Every 30 seconds or so he looks up to the sky with wonder on his face and points to an airplane, then smiles and waves as it passes by.

He stops to smell every flower, giggling as he bends down to get a little closer. He waves to everyone we pass and points and says "vroom vroom!" to every car. He notices birds and plants and cats and barks back at every dog. He sees everything, and wants me to see it too. He loves to show me what he sees, and I am so grateful for that! I know he won't always want me right there with him, so I try so hard to give him all of my attention on our walks right now, and to cherish every smile and point and wave.

His excitement about the world and everything in it is contagious. I find myself noticing things on our walks that I never noticed before. Because of his little eyes, open to everything new and exciting, I see new beauty in everything we pass. I find myself in awe of the world again, because I'm seeing everything anew through the eyes of a child. My child. What a gift!

Here are a few scenes from our walk today:


  1. stopping by from "our weekend" link up. such a sweet boy you have. I so much can relate that it`s such a gift to share how these littles explore their world, so much we can learn from them. we also love our daylie walks and my little girl is so much more balanced after that...
    many greetings from far, noni

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Noni! I agree, mine is much happier and more balanced after a walk too! Kids are so amazing!



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