Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catch Up: iPhone Edition

The last couple of weeks, according to my iPhone:

Sad photo photo8_zps1032bc4f.jpg

Poor baby Emmett. Last Friday his top two teeth started cutting through his gums, and we thought that was pretty sad and hard. And then he had a fever Saturday night through Tuesday morning, and we thought that was hard. And then Wednesday he had a mean rash all over his body and THAT was awful. We went to the doctor on Monday for his 9 month check up, and the doctor assured us the fever was nothing to worry about- just a side effect of the teething. They gave him his shots anyway, poor little thing. Turns out she was totally wrong. I took one look at that rash and rushed him to the doctor. Diagnosis: Roseola Virus (probably picked up at a previous doctor visit). Yuck.

 photo 117628e1-9726-4e0d-9d61-89f04a342a56_zpsb143b387.jpg

Finally on Friday he was back to his normal happy self. He was sleeping so well before all of this started, but that's definitely out the window. He's doing a little bit better every night, but we are tired y'all.

 photo d44805f4-2aa4-4cdc-9a65-71d0cc67f214_zps8671eed6.jpg

I just wanted to show y'all Emmett's hairs. He only has a few, so we really love each one dearly. Little boy really didn't stand a chance- both Ray and I were bald until we were toddlers- so we're surprised he has even this much hair. And those ears y'all. They slay me!

Teeth photo photo5_zps9e9389fc.jpg

The good news is, after all that, we have teeth! Two little tiny perfectly white sharp-as-knives teeth! It's almost impossible to catch them in a photo, but they're impossible to miss when we're breastfeeding. I miss his perfect little gummy smile, but I have to admit, these teeth I was dreading so much are really growing on me.

Sweet photo photo4_zps0585f8f4.jpg

There's really nothing in the world quite like waking up to this sweet face every morning. He's the sweetest softest warmest most wonderful boy in the morning. And Oh My Goodness he's handsome!

Masters photo photo1_zps98173bb3.jpg

Last week was Master's week in Augusta. Besides Christmas, this is probably the week I miss home the most. The whole town is buzzing with excitement and activity, and there's nowhere on earth quite like the Augusta National Golf Course in April. It's beautiful. So anyway we spent a good chunk of the weekend glued to the tv watching golf, and Emmett even seemed like he liked it. We were pretty happy with the outcome too, because good lawd Adam Scott is good looking.

Mirror photo photo2_zps52af5ab2.jpg

On Saturday Ray had homework and Lucia was busy with a friend, so Emmett and I decided to go shopping. I bought a pair of shorts that actually fit and Emmett crawled around in the dressing room and laughed at himself in the mirror. I really love that he loves looking at himself. It's really cute.

Splash Pad photo photo3_zps7a461b37.jpg

While we were out we stumbled upon a splash pad, so we went home to get Ray and Emmett's swim trunks and went back to play. Emmett watched all the other kids play for a while before he trusted the water, but once he got comfortable he loved it! I'm so glad we found this place- it will be such a life saver during the ultra hot Summer, which is practically upon us here in AZ. We played for a while, then dried Emmett off and changed his clothes (in public!) and even snuck in a beer and some Irish nachos at one of our favorite Happy Hour stops. Such a fun afternoon!

 photo 923b64c9-8b8b-4e28-9974-dba652459121_zps8d57744a.jpg

Then Sunday we spent the afternoon at our Parish Church Festival. It was so much fun! My wonderful mother-in-law offered to keep baby boy at her house (right next to the church) while he napped (she must have read this post!), so Ray and I had a great time catching up with friends and enjoying really yummy food.

 photo 20768144-a0d0-4c59-9ec3-c695455c866c_zps048505fa.jpg
Hat on..
 photo 6dbb6749-5a3c-4911-aa1f-4761452f8a4f_zps8e883475.jpg
Hat off!
Tonight after work everyone was tired and hungry so we opted to go out for happy hour rather than grocery shop, cook, clean up, etc. We met some friends at a restaurant and sat out on the patio, which is one of our favorite things to do when the weather starts to get hot. Evenings are cool and the sunsets here are so gorgeous, so we love to have dinner outdoors.

So there we are, all caught up!

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