Monday, April 29, 2013

Kiwanis Park

Totally unrelated to this post:
Kellie Barney is the Facebook winner of our giveaway! Congrats Kellie, on winning and also the birth of your beautiful new baby boy!

Sometimes in the evenings we get restless, before dinner and the lengthy bedtime routine, so we hop in the car and go to the park. Emmett loves to be outside, and the fresh air and sunshine work wonders in the meltdown-prevention department. There's a great park just down the street with a big lake, ducks, a playground, endless grass to play in and try to eat, and lots of people and dogs to watch.

Last Saturday evening, we were all feeling a little bit worn out, so the park was calling our names. It's already getting so hot here in Arizona (the weatherman says 100 this week!), so we did our best to stay out of the sun. We had such a nice time walking around the lake until the inevitable pre-bedtime meltdown cut our trip short. We're doing our best to enjoy the outdoors before the temperature spikes to 115 and we dread leaving our house!

 photo P1016126_zpsab106d5a.jpg
Happy boy on the way into the park..
 photo 72171059-3903-4f46-beea-1484da51fc43_zps2ddba991.jpg

 photo P1016091_zpsb5795f80.jpg

 photo P1016113_zpsc49f2d1f.jpg
Baby's favorite toy! (Especially with Bagel on the other end..)
 photo P1016114_zpsb23dbf31.jpg

 photo P1016117_zps3f712902.jpg
Dropped leash + tired baby = meltdown of the century.
 photo P1016104_zpse1b4cdcd.jpg
Bagel LOVES the park.
 photo P1016119_zps0b82d36a.jpg
Can you spot the baby duck? 


  1. Yay!!! So exciting! Thanks Anna Kate! Also, love all your recent posts and pictures! Shows us how much uncwe have to look forward to as Ted grows :)

    1. Yay Kellie! I'm so excited that you won. So perfect! You can contact Nicole by sending her a message on Etsy, or on Facebook to start working on your bucket!



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