Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes!

I am linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary today for my very first 7 Quick Takes post!

1. My two wonderful brothers are in town visiting us this weekend, so I am SO excited for the long weekend! I talk to both of my sisters all day long (Lucia lives with us and takes care of Emmett, and Shea is a texting fiend- okay so am I- so we chat a lot). But my brothers are boys, which means they're less communicative, so I always feel so far away from them and I miss them like crazy all the time. I love having them here so much! I almost can't handle how happy I am walking in the door from work and seeing they're really cute faces!

2. It's so hot here in AZ already y'all. I know I've mentioned this before, but I just want y'all to see for yourselves how incredibly horribly hot it already is in May here so you'll feel sorry for me for the rest of the Summer.

3. Emmett has four teeth now y'all. His bottom two teeth have popped through, so here's hoping Ray and I might get a little sleep for the next few days/weeks/years! He's really cute with little teeth!

4. Work has started to be so busy the last couple of weeks. I haven't been able to go home on my lunch breaks to see Emmett like I'm used to doing, and finding time to pump has become really difficult. I guess things are going to have to change for us now that my busy season at work is upon us. I'm going to really cherish the time I have in the mornings and evenings with my boy over the next few months!

5. My dad has moved his blog to a new site, and given it a major redesign. It looks awesome!!! Check it out!

6. I know I already said this, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the long weekend. Tonight after work we are all heading over to a friend's house to hang out at her pool, tomorrow we are going to a friend's birthday party, and Sunday is the best day of all of our lives ever! Netflix is releasing Season 4 of Arrested Development!!! So if you're looking for me for the next year or so, you'll find me on my couch watching each episode over and over until my family hates me and my tv...

7. That's it for me y'all! Happy Friday, and enjoy your long weekend!


  1. Hope you had an awesome weekend! Sounds like a good one :).



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