Thursday, May 2, 2013

Friday Nights

Friday evenings are our favorite in my family. Everyone looks forward to Friday evening because after a long week of work and being apart all day long, we are so happy knowing we get to be together for the next two days!

During the early days of Summer, there's really nothing better to do on a Friday evening than head to a friend's house and hang out in the pool! The evenings are still pretty nice these days, when the sun starts to go down and the breeze picks up. We cherish these almost-cool evenings because Summer is coming, faster than this mama would like. I'm not looking forward to oven-temperatures and hair-dryer breezes and days and nights spent indoors in the AC. Arizona Summers are not for the faint of heart!

This past Friday night we got home from work and immediately decided to grab our swimmers and head to our friend Rachel's house to jump in the pool. Rachel is one of Emmett's favorite friends, and he loves the water, so he was excited!

 photo f4ff2bcb-564d-420d-bca6-b85609ff6f92_zps6e1ae3ab.jpg

 photo 334b11b2-4791-4954-ac74-40563ba27ca3_zpsfd90a331.jpg

 photo 0d59f6b2-65e5-4b6f-96ee-27eb918fd0c7_zpscf018fdc.jpg

 photo 4ebba452-e3cd-49e4-b11a-f78d8163a787_zpscee7f642.jpg
Mom put me down I want to plaaaaaaay!
 photo 194cefac-2444-427a-8724-5669839d44a3_zpsa4c98995.jpg

 photo 3a2d7491-728a-459a-ac84-4c5224d9febb_zps55bc2af5.jpg

 photo a3aad774-b9a9-40f4-99b9-20397e637d20_zps704b4091.jpg
Trying daddy's pizza. He loved it!
 photo 335f4a17-6d45-41a2-922e-a0bba0d56d47_zps94e223a9.jpg

 photo 40a7374e-31ee-4ef5-8dc2-f2c464bad484_zpsc2a4079e.jpg

 photo d3f09876-e83f-4689-8af5-48ab59eabff6_zpsbf8d8fba.jpg

 photo 7293992e-eac1-4de4-ab04-b509be92a8c5_zpsa26d7472.jpg
My favorite silly face, while screeching. :)

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