Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Teething, and Kindness

Emmett is cutting a tooth on the bottom. Do I need to say anything else? (Yes. Yes I do.)

The last time he cut the two teeth on top, we were up all night every night for like 3 weeks, he was miserable, and we were miserable. Towards the end he had a fever for 3 days and I couldn't believe he was having such a hard time! When he broke out in a crazy rash I took him to the doctor and it turned out he had the Roseola virus. Talk about a tough break!

So now we're in the middle of teething again and Emmett has been waking up 5+ times a night crying out in pain (so sad), so everyone is exhausted. Especially me. But also especially Ray and poor little Emmett.

A photo from my Instagram this morning.

Ray said this to me today, I think in an effort to cheer me up?:  "Babies cut 20 teeth so we only have to go through this 16 more times unless he cuts multiple teeth at once which will make him twice as grouchy." Great. Thanks Babe. 

I was whining about being so tired on Facebook this morning, because I need everyone in the world to feel sorry for me, and one of my friends saw it and took pity on me. She sent me a text asking if she could come by and bring me a little surprise at work to cheer me up. This girl is maybe the sweetest girl I know. She brought me a green tea from Starbucks (I'm addicted), some chocolate, and some pretty little things just to make me feel better. Isn't that amazing?

I've been talking to my dad a little bit about how I handle the stress of working and motherhood and how I should handle it. He urges me to take the focus off myself when I'm feeling down or frustrated or stressed, and to put my focus on other people. To find ways to serve others throughout my day. I love this concept so much, but it's hard to remember when I'm in the middle of a tough day.

My sweet friend Audra reminded me of this idea this morning, when she chose to show me a little bit of kindness, and completely changed my day. I am so grateful to her, and I'm reminded that small acts of kindness can make such a huge impact on people's lives. I'll be looking for ways to serve others every day from now on, but I think this exercise will end up serving me the most.


  1. Oh you...I've been reading your blog all day. I've been trying to get some work done, been running ragged trying to get it finished and it's helped keep me sane in the chaos... I even might have cried a bit when I read Emmett's birth story. It was so sweet and reminded me of having Joel. Anyway I'm thankful for you and your blog today.

    1. Audra, I'm so glad that my blog made your day a little better! I know how it is to be running around all over the place trying to get work done, and reading a blog post here and there is my way of staying sane during it all! You are such a sweet friend and I want to bless you the way you have blessed me!



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