Friday, December 20, 2013

A Beautiful Morning

Emmett has been waking up before 6 all week. He normally gets up around 6:30, but that extra 45 minutes is so crucial! I hear his little cries well before the sun comes up and I immediately feel defeated. Before the day even starts, my mood is low and I'm dreading the long day ahead of us. I'm weak and selfish and I'm really working on that. Then each morning Ray goes to get Emmett and brings him to me and immediately that frustration and feeling of defeat is gone. He giggles when he sees me and squeals "mama!" as he runs across the bed to me and my heart almost bursts! He's such a good, sweet boy who loves his mama so much. His little smile washes away my selfish struggles. I just love him so much!

Today has been a beautiful day. It rained all night, but the sun burst through the clouds this morning, shining a beautiful, bright light on the world. Emmett and I bundled up and drove Ray to work, taking the long way home to enjoy the beauty. We stayed outside when we got home and took a walk around the neighborhood. We jumped in puddles and pointed out cars and trucks and airplanes as they passed us by. He played in the dirt and I took pictures of everything because the light was just so perfect and I loved the way our neighborhood looked. It was such a fun morning!

I know I'm bombarding y'all with photos lately. I can't help myself! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful morning! I too struggle when my boys wake up waaaay too early. Mama doesn't do anything before 6. But you're right, those smiles and giggles and hugs wash all that selfishness away.

    1. It's like magic! Bad moods just melt away... And then I do everything in my power to squeeze in a nap while he naps. :)



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