Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back On 2013

I spent some time today going back through my posts from this year. I love having this virtual diary to look back on. It helps me remember so many little things that happened over the year, things that are a blur in my mind otherwise.

2013 was a good year. There were hard months, sleepless months, anxious months that seemed like they'd never end. We watched one baby grow into a little boy before our eyes, and lost another to miscarriage. There was sorrow and there was beauty. There was pain. More pain than I've known before. But there was also so much joy. The last few months have been peaceful and sweet, and I feel really blessed. We are being held in the palm of His hand, and protected.

When I think about 2014, I feel excitement bubble up inside me. I can't wait to see what's next for my little family. I know there will be struggle, but we'll get through whatever comes together. I also know there will be happiness and wonder, growth and learning, beauty, and love. Always love.

I've chosen a few favorite posts and photos from each month in 2013, if you're interested in taking a look with me at our year.

Somehow I didn't blog at all in January or February, so we'll have to start with March..:

Emmett: 8 Months I need to bring these posts back. I love going back and reading all of the things my boy was up to at his different ages. I hope he'll love reading them one day too.

Gah, he's such an angel. We have so many photos of him eating, because it's just real cute.

Emmett's Birth Story (Finally!) This is maybe my favorite post ever. I just love all of the photos and reliving that day each time I read it. It was such a good day!
On Motherhood It's interesting to go back and read about how crazy life was, just a few short months ago. Things have changed so much! Thank God. :)

Dear Emmett: Almost 11 Months A letter to my little love.

Keepin' It Real My first Keepin' It Real post. I love this link up with Corinna so much. We mama's need to stick together, and I love reading stories about what it's really like!

How We Met Our little love story.

Little love on his first birthday!

Laguna Beach, Ca with the ladies!

On our way to see JT!!!

Life Is Good The calm before the storm, maybe?

Will I Get To Keep You? A letter to my Oliver.

Oliver Keller
On Motherhood A glimpse into the chaotic days.
Why I Blog My 100th post
Inspiration: The Everyday Project by Annapolis & Co This was a turning point for me and my blog. I learned so much from Mary Beth through her Instagram series about photography, blogging, sharing my heart, and even a little about myself.

Building Community This idea is on my heart in a big way these days.
I Want To Be Good I shared a little bit about my heart, and how I want to be so much better than I am.
Blessings Putting myself in check and re-thinking my attitude is always a good thing.

Tonight at Trader Joe's A little conviction.
Mom's Just Want Clothes
Thanksgiving In Georgia These photos simultaneously swell and break my heart. I miss those people.
Our Little Christmas It was a good one.

I'm praying for a new year full of blessings and peace for all of you. Happy New Year!!


  1. Your little man is ADORABLE!!

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    1. Thank you Kate!! Followed you back. :)



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