Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Ladies & Kiddos on your list

For the women in your life:

Gift Guide 2013- Ladies

1. For the old lady in all of us.
Gap Elbow-Patch Cardigan $39

2. This sweet bracelet has been on my wish list since I was pregnant with Emmett. Perfect for your mama, your baby's mama, your niece's and nephew's mama, or any other mama on your list.
Coatt Morse Code Bracelet $48

3. For your glam-iest girlfriend.
Flapper Coin Pouch $38

4. For the crafter on your list. Everything in this shop is beautiful and special. The items are inexpensive so you could put together a great little gift bag!
Thatch & Thistle Supply Co. Etsy Shop Items starting at $2.50

5. For your wife. Ahem. (Someone tell my husband!)
JCrew Crystal Triangles Bracelet $135

6. For the organized lady on your list.
Wire Storage Basket $18 and up

7. For the homebody.
JCrew Lodge Moccasins $49.50

8. These are perfect filled with candy or tea bags for your kid's teacher, your coworkers, your mom, your babysitter, your pediatrician, your hairdresser, etc etc etc. :)
Golden Monogram Mugs $10

9. When it comes to buying gifts for girlfriends, my strategy is to find something she wants but would never splurge on for herself. This fits that bill.
Holiday Mercury Candle $24

For baby:

1. Every kid needs this t-shirt! (Especially Emmett)
Y'all shirt from Mamacase prints on Etsy $22

2. For the camera (read: iPhone) obsessed kids on your list.
Pixie Moss Wooden Toy Camera from Twig Creative $30

3. For the stay-at-home mom who needs a little help entertaining her kiddos. Or the working mom who just doesn't have time to be super creative. So basically, every mom ever.
TogetherBox Subscription $29/month

4.  I'm a huge fan of The Animal Print Shop. Everything in the shop is so sweet! This would be a great gift for any baby or toddler on your list.
Giraffe Print from The Animal Print Shop $25 and up

5. Aren't these fun? Kids love stacking toys, and these are a clever and different take on the usual stacker.
Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Nesting Blocks $21.55

6. Emmett got one of these for his birthday and we love it! We keep all of his books inside and he sits under his teepee reading and playing. It's great for the kid with the big imagination on your list!
Teepee Play Tent from B.E Little You and Me on Etsy $115

7. This personalized memory game is so so awesome. I'm dying to get one for Emmett with photos of all of his aunts and uncles in Georgia. So sweet! (Find coupons here!)
Personalized Memory Game $19.99

You can find more gifts for the men on your list, and stocking stuffers for everyone here, and last year's gift guide here!


  1. These are some great suggestions! Bron is having the hardest time coming up with ideas for gifts for me. haha

    1. I'll email him the list "by accident" if you want! ;)

  2. I AM DYING OVER THIS LIST! I want everything. And dammit, AK, are we supposed to get a gift for the pediatrician? Crap.

    1. Ha! I want everything too. This is basically my Christmas list, so someone tell Ray about it. Also no, definitely not required! ;)

  3. These are all great finds! I would love to be gifted any and all the women choices and those rainbow stackers are amazing!

    Thanks for joining our Mom Lovin hop! This time I started following you on GFC, BL, instagram, and pinterest!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    1. Hi Lena! Thanks so much! I know, I want all of the girl items too!

      Thanks so much for the follows! I'll go find you and follow back!



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