Monday, November 25, 2013

Keepin' It Real + Our Weekend

I hope ya'll are having a wonderful Thanksgiving week! We're having a blast in Georgia with my family! I'm especially enjoying the fireplace and the food. Emmett is in heaven, and has already adjusted to the time change, waking up a whole two hours earlier than normal each morning. Yay! And thank God for grandparents!

I just wanted to share a quick Keepin' It Real moment from last week to link up with Corinna over at Track 8!

The other day I let Emmett play with a box of tampons while I made the bed. He does this from time to time- don't judge me- it keeps him distracted for a few minutes while I clean up or fold a load of laundry. A couple of minutes went by before I realized the toilet might be open. I sprinted to the bathroom, but I was too late. Way too late.

And yes, that's me in my slippers. Just all kinds of real going on in this picture.

Here are a few more photos from our weekend (linking up with Mary Beth at Annapolis & Co for Our Weekend!):

Daddy's home from work, the weekend can start!!

Working on the car in the rain. Such a man!

Let me go outside!!!!

Apparently Emmett loves boots. Funny story- he put a pair in the stroller's basket and
I didn't realize... We beeped on the way out of the store and I almost died of embarrassment.

Playing sticks with his papa!

The world's most bundled baby!

Oh, how I love seeing that baby in that backyard! This place is so full of memories from my childhood, and more recently from our wedding, so it's a wonderful treat to see Emmett running around and enjoying it too!


  1. Haha I've let my kids play with tampons before, too...I'm sure one day he will DIE from embarrassment after reading this ;-p

    1. Ha! I hope so. :) A friend of mine says that she's happy to let her kids make a mess as long as cleaning up takes her less time than the mess bought her. Great philosophy! ;)

  2. Love these photos - the ones next to the window are beautiful! Love his choice of boots!

    1. Thanks Morgan! He's got good taste. ;)

  3. Love these photos - the ones next to the window are beautiful! Love his choice of boots!

  4. Bahaha!!! Those tampons. Crack me up! My bathroom has seen similar disasters.

  5. Haha, gracious! That's an expensively filled toilet! ;) And that sweater with the glasses is from GAP huh?! I showed it to my husband on black friday, he wasn't feeling it. :/

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom

    1. I know- I just bought that box too! Lesson learned- always keep the toilet closed! :)
      Yes- the sweater is from Gap. I love it so much! I definitely don't show my husband things if they're on clearance... Ha!



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