Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend, in photos

Our  weekend, in photos:

Our weekend started with dirt...
Husband grilling = happy wife.
Cloudy day, lovebirds on a wire. 
I obviously just woke up.
Day date!

Baby's first bike ride! He loves it.

Walking with Pepere.
Saying "buh bye!" to all the cars during dinner.

And ended with dirt.

I hope you had an awesome weekend too! Linking up with Annapolis & Company!


  1. Found your blog via camp it! Great photography too! :)

    1. Hi Charlene! Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! Heading over to your blog right away! :)

  2. First time visiting! I am a new mom to a 6 month old so I love finding fellow mom bloggers! Love all the photos!

    1. Hi Jessica!
      Thanks so much for stopping over and saying hi! I'm so glad you did- I just checked out your blog and followed you on Bloglovin'- I love reading other mom blogs too and your son is precious!
      I'm also a huge fan of your shopping/style posts- I'm always trying to find ways to look cute without spending much money, so I can't wait to gain from your knowledge! :)

  3. I can't handle Emmett's cuteness. I want to squeal every time I see pictures of him! The tiny helmet on the bike just kills me!

    1. Haha the helmet is hilarious. As long as we're moving he'll wear it, but the second we stop, even for just a moment, he's fussing and trying to pull it off his head. :)



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