Monday, March 10, 2014

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Excited about slash nervous about: Flying to Georgia with Emmett on Friday! We have flown quite a few times together, but this time feels a little bit scarier because he's older and wilder and wants to be free-er. So I'm nervous about the actual flight. Plus you know, the news is buzzing about a plane going missing and that doesn't help my anxiety. (Praying for the families of those who were on that plane, of course. I know that's not all about me!)

I can't wait to see my family. We haven't been home since Thanksgiving and Emmett has changed so much since then. I can't wait to see their faces when they see how big he is and hear his little voice speaking sentences. They love him so much and those relationships are so, so important to me. I get to be there for my sister's and my mom's birthdays too, which is such a treat!

But of course I'm nervous about Emmett's schedule and fitting naps in between my sister's soccer games and St. Patrick's Day parades and play dates galore! Do any of you mama's have tips for maintaining your schedule while traveling? It's always worked out well for us in the past but Emmett is older now and we both rely on those naps. Or should I just let the schedule go for a week and go with the flow? I'm sure that's the answer but... worry!

Watching: Veronica Mars, Season 3! The movie is being released this Friday (!!) so I'm going back through the last season to make sure I remember all the juicy details. I just got to the part where Piz kissed Veronica right as the doors to the elevator opened to reveal Logan... All the drama ever! It's so good/bad.

Okay I just started a new episode. Paul Rudd AND Schmidt from New Girl are in this one and I can't believe I haven't been watching this show on repeat for the last few years. So good.

Listening to: Pharrell Williams- G I R L, as I type this. I'm really into this album. Currently Brand New, the track with Justin Timberlake is playing and I can't stop dancing.

Thinking about: This blog, and how I've been sort of.. slacking on it lately. Between the move, and work, and Emmett, and unpacking.. the blog has sort of fallen by the wayside. Ray is so busy with school and trying to get our house ready to sell, so we haven't had a lot of down time lately. There are so many priorities these days and blogging is low on that list. I do love this little blog though, so I am working on finding/making time for it.

Our weekend: Ray was busy working at our house, so Emmett and I took long walks and played outside most of the weekend. We had friends over Saturday afternoon to enjoy our backyard with us. This is the time of year I love living in Arizona. Good weather, and everyone wants to be outside!

Sorry for the terrible pic, friends. I love it. :)

These two are so sweet.

Footsie. ;)

Little learned how to pull his pants down this week. So that's been fun.

Poor Bagel.

They actually do like each other though.

Watching birds and waiting for Daddy to come home.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Love the pics of little E and E especially laying in the grass! It's too cute!! So happy that you guys have your house and it's perfect timing for a yard! I need to show this to Jason as motivation to get our grass in our backyard ASAP!

    1. Thanks Kellie! Gah those two are so cute together! And yes, get on it Jason!

  2. I love how your little man is doing many of the same silly things mine is! It's a really fun age. As for traveling, when we visit family our schedule suddenly becomes loose. My boys (especially the little one) NEED naps, so some days they catch a short one and others they're able to sleep a few hours. It all works out in the end. And as long as they're happy, I'm happy!

    1. Thank you for being awesome and commenting. I'm sorry it's taken me a month to respond. You were right, our schedule totally worked itself out, so my worrying was for nothing. Emmett neeeeeds naps too, or at least I do. :)

  3. The idea of flying definitely makes me nervous. I hope things go smoothly! And, oh man to the learning to pull the pants off. Pic is too funny though. Aria pulls off diapers if she gets half a chance, hopefully she doesn't decide to do both...

    1. Thank you Courtney! I'm so sorry it's taken me a month to respond. Flying is rough, but never as bad as I expect it to be. I must remember saying that next time we're gearing up for a trip.

      Emmett seems to have forgotten how to pull his pants down again, thank goodness! ;)

  4. Loved this, friend. Evie and Emmett are seriously the sweetest ever. I love them. I hope your trip is AMAZING. I'm a little jelly ;) No advice from me on the naps... you know my psychotic scheduled nature. But I know you'll have a blast regardless of how the naps go or don't go ;) Love to you!

    1. Thank you Jenna! I know, they are the sweetest. I love that they are friends. Emmett loves that girl. :)



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