Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rambling Thoughts On Being Content

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately. It has become such a fun outlet for me, somewhere I love to go in the few minutes between work assignments or while Emmett naps. I love all of the friendships I've made, love reading your comments and reading your blogs. It's a blessing for me.

There are so many changes I'd like to make to this space. I want a redesign, something new and fresh and not so cutesy. I just can't justify putting money into this space right now, with a new house to furnish and an old one we're still paying for (pray it sells soon!). That's sort of the space I'm in right now in our life. There are so many things I want to do in our house, most of them costing money, but the money just isn't there yet so I'm waiting and dreaming and working on being content with what I do have.

So for now, I'll be working on the content of the blog more than the way it looks. I'll be working on my photography, trying to make beautiful images to keep in this space. Since I've been home more, I've had time to cook and bake for the first time in.. ever! I've really been enjoying that part of our life, so I'll be sharing more recipes with you. I will also be slowly, slowly working on adding furniture and decorating this sweet new space, so I'll be talking about that here. And of course there's Emmett. You'll see plenty of him here too. :)

It's easy to think about the future, about all of the changes I want to make. Lately I've found myself getting caught up in that too easily, giving in to anxiety and discontentment. So I'm working hard to stay in the present, to work with what I've got, and to be at peace where I am in this moment. I'm excited to challenge myself to make the most of the things we have in boxes, to re-imagine the pieces in my closet. It's a great exercise in contentment, which is something I want so badly in all areas of my life.

I read a quote on Instagram yesterday that went something like this: "I make myself rich by being happy with less." That really struck me and made me realize I'm spending too much time wanting more more more and not enough time loving the things, and the people, that I do have. So, here's to contentment, peace and quiet, and loving my life.


  1. Love this, friend! I too feel the pulling of my heart to be more content with what I have. It's so easy for my eyes and heart to wander to the "pretty things" of this world. Thanks for the loving reminder to focus more on what blessings I have already been given! Love you!

    1. Absolutely. I love new things, pretty things, shiny things. I always want more. But I am really trying to focus my time and energy and love on the things and people I do have! Love you!

  2. I like your outlook on being content and working with the things you CAN work with RIGHT NOW: photography, the content on your blog, etc. That's the real "meat" of a blog anyway, right? :) You are a wonderful person. Thanks for reminding us all to count our blessings.

    1. Yes! That is what's really important to the blog anyway. I get so caught up in wanting the next thing, whatever that may be, so I need to remind myself every once in a while to just be happy with what I have. But I have to admit, right after I wrote that post I ran to target for a few things, and definitely sent my husband a few "can I buy this??" texts. Good thing he's good at telling me no.. ;)



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